UPDATE: BP Spill & Big Oil Teach-In: Video now available

UPDATE: BP Spill & Big Oil Teach-In: Video now available

Video Teach-In:



One of the most insightful and compelling events explaining and analyzing of the the BP Gulf of Mexico Disaster is now available as an online “Video Teach-In.” On Tuesday July 20, 2010, on the 3-Month Gulf Disaster Anniversary, Mobilization for Climate Justice West organized a public Teach-In to a standing-room-only crowd of community members. Key presentations from that teach-in are now available as videos on Mobilization for Climate Justice West’s YouTube channel.

The five-segment video teach-in features:
Antonia Juhasz, leading oil industry expert and critic, just returned from the Gulf, meeting with impacted communities and groups. She is Director of the Chevron Program at Global Exchange, and the author of The Tyranny of Oil: The World’s Most powerful Industry and What We Must Do to Stop It. Juhasz has been featured on Democracy Now, written for the Huffington Post and is writing a new book on the impact and meaning of the BP disaster.
Antonia Juhasz (1 of 5)

Antonia Juhasz (2 of 5)

Byron Encalade is the President of the Louisiana Oyster Association and a leader for the African-American oyster fishermen in the region. Oil infrastructure has led to the erosion of the wetlands that oysters depend on, which were previously damaged further when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. Since the BP disaster, Encalade has been a leading spokes person for impacted communities on the Gulf Coast; including being interviewed by PBS and the New York Times.
Byron Encalade (3 of 5)

Carla Pérez is the Program Coordinator for The Movement Generation Justice & Ecology Project, which provides analysis and facilitates action around the global ecological crisis among organizers from urban Bay Area organizations working for economic and racial justice. Carla Pérez was a featured speaker at the opening plenary of the United States Social Forum.
Carla Perez (4 of 5)

Carla Pérez (5 of 5)

This video teach-in is also featured on ZNet.

Carla Pérez and Antonia Juhasz are featured on a National Radio Project show called Beyond BP: A Future Without Oil